Open Fire Smoke Since 1961

Our Smokehouse

Ours is the only Open Fire Smokehouse in Dublin and one of a handful remaining in Ireland. For over 40 years it’s been the glowing heart of Nicky’s Plaice, scenting the air with oak as we tend to the fire and balance its power with the rise and fall of the sea winds. It takes time and real commitment to smoke the finest salmon over an open fire the traditional way, but the result is a taste like no other salmon. That’s why our customers keep coming back to Nicky’s.

Sustainable Salmon

All our salmon is sourced from sustainable coastal water farms and our organic range comes from the clear waters of Ireland’s Atlantic west coast.

Hand Crafted

Early in the morning at our West Pier shop, we’re hand filleting and pin-boning each fillet, before sprinkling with salt and stacking on racks suspended over the smouldering fire of Irish oak in the pit below.

Then, we let the salmon rest steeped in oak smoke for many hours. Only when it’s reached peak depth and richness of taste do we take it from the fire and carefully slice and package, ready for your table.