About Nicky's

Nicky McLoughlin, a fisherman like generations of his family before him, opened his shop on the West Pier in 1961 to supply the local community with the best of the fresh catch. Soon joined by his brother John and cousin Joey, they added the Open Fire Smokehouse, so they could smoke the finest salmon to perfection over a perpetually glowing fire of Irish oak.

Today, we remain a proudly independent family business: here on the West Pier, that oak fire still smoulders and our lively shop is much the same as ever. Nicky’s son Martin – who started helping out at 9 years of age, standing on a fish box to see over the counter - is now at the helm, helped by brother Kevin and brother-in-law Brian, along with the third generation.

As well as family, time and craft are the key elements that make Nicky’s special. There’s no substitution for generations of knowledge on how to select, handle and store the finest fish and there’s definitely no rushing the McLoughlins as we smoke the finest salmon for many hours over the open oak fire.


Our Community Commitment

Fishing communities are always tightly knit – it’s a life different to most, governed by the seasons and the sea, where neighbours stand together and help each other through the best and worst of times. So supporting the local Howth community always came naturally to Nicky and remains at the heart of our family ethos today. Our main community projects are:

St Francis Hospice Raheny

Nicky was a member of the first committee formed with the goal of building St Francis Hospice in Raheny so we have a special commitment to continually raise funds for the hospice

Helping People Find Jobs

Partnering with Suaimhneas Club House and Prosper Fingal to develop employment options for people with fewer opportunities has brought us many valuable members of our staff team through the years.

Protecting the Environment

Surrounded by the beauty of nature on the West Pier, Nicky’s has always been committed to protecting the environment. That’s why we built our own recycling plant on the West Pier to recycle the aeroboard in which salmon comes to us. Over the years, the recycling plant has employed many people who have come to us from Suaimhneas and Prosper Fingal.

Protecting our Seal Colony

Working so closely with the sea, we are deeply committed to supporting education on the environment and wildlife. With a seal colony in sight of Nicky’s Plaice, we all have a special fondness for these marvellous creatures and have for many years supported the Irish Seal Sanctuary in feeding the seals and rescuing endangered seal cubs.