Nicky's Double-Smoked Salmon Wins Gold Medal at Irish Food Awards

Nicky's Plaice - A Blas na hÉireann 2020 Gold Winner!

The Blas na hÉireann, Irish Food Awards are the biggest in the country, with thousands of entries each year and competition is tough. We're delighted to be 2020 Gold Medal Award Winners for our Double Smoked Salmon.

Nicky’s Plaice is a family business, with three generations working together on the West Pier in Howth Village. Nicky McLoughlin, a fisherman like generations of our family before him, opened the shop in 1961 and we now run the last remaining open -fire fish smokehouse in Dublin.

A Little About Nicky's Plaice

Today, we remain a proudly independent family business; here on the West Pier and that oak fire still smoulders and our lively shop is much the same as ever. Nicky’s son Martin started helping out at 9 years of age, standing on a fish box to see over the counter. He’s now at the helm, helped by his brother Kevin and brother-in-law Brian, along with the next generation.

As well as family, time and craft are the key elements that make Nicky’s special. There’s no substitute for generations of knowledge on how to select, handle and store the finest fish and there’s definitely no rushing the McLoughlins as we smoke the finest salmon for many hours over the open oak fire.

Double-Smoked Salmon from Nicky's Plaice

We source our smoked salmon from sustainable farms in Scotland. It's hand filleted here on the West Pier in Howth, sprinkled with salt and then set to smoulder over our open fire, for hours. We tend the fire throughout the process, to get just the right balance of smoke throughout the fish. We then do it all again!
One of the things about smoking your own fish is knowing the energy, time and care that goes into it. When we put our smoked salmon on our shelves, we have a sense of pride. It's a nice feeling when customers ask about where the fish is smoked and we can just point to the next door, where the smokehouse is.

We're delighted to win a Blas na hÉireann Gold Medal this year; thanks to all our customers for the continued support.

You can buy Nicky's Double Smoked Salmon in Nicky's Plaice on the West Pier in Howth or buy it online here.