Nicky's Plaice Oak-Smoked Salmon in Aldi Stores for Limited Period

Nicky's Oak-Smoked Salmon in Aldi!

We're delighted to announce that Nicky's Plaice is one of the small Irish producers chosen to be part of Aldi's Grow With Aldi programme. Developed in partnership with Bord Bia, Grow with Aldi is designed to help the very best Irish suppliers develop their brand. For a limited time only Nicky's Plaice Oak-Smoked Salmon will be available in Aldi Stores, from the 31st of May.

Nicky's Plaice Smoked Salmon

This fresh salmon, has been sourced from sustainable farms in Scotland. It has been hand filleted, sprinkled with salt and smouldered for hours over our open fire. We constantly tend to the fire to balance the fire's aliveness and smoke to infuse the fish for that perfect succulent cold smoke. 

Nicky's Open Fire Smokehouse

Ours is the only Open Fire Smokehouse in Dublin and one of a handful remaining in Ireland. For over 40 years it’s been the glowing heart of Nicky’s Plaice, scenting the air with oak as we tend to the fire and balance its power with the rise and fall of the sea winds. It takes time and real commitment to smoke the finest salmon over an open fire the traditional way, but the result is a taste like no other salmon. 

The fish we use for our smoked salmon, is sourced from sustainable farms. It's hand filleted, sprinkled with salt and then set to smoulder over our open fire, for hours. We tend the fire throughout the process, to get just the right balance of smoke throughout the fish.

One of the things about smoking your own fish, in the very place you sell it, is knowing the energy, time and care that goes into it. When we put our smoked salmon on our shelves, we have a sense of pride. It's a nice feeling when customers ask about about where the fish is smoked and we can just point to the next door, where the smokehouse is.

About Nicky's Plaice

We're a family run business on the West Pier in the Dublin fishing village of Howth. Opened in 1961 by fisherman Nicky McLoughlin, we've now three generations of the family working together to bring you the best in fresh fish and seafood, the best home smoked salmon and seafood snacks to go at weekends.

You can contact us by email or phone and we'll be delighted to let you know what the morning's catch is or to take your order for any of our range of products.