Nicky's Plaice Wins Great Taste Award

Nicky's Star Turn

The Great Taste Awards have been described as the "Food Oscars", supporting food and drink producers throughout Britain and Ireland. A Great Taste star is a coveted thing and we're delighted to be a 2018 recipient. There were over 13,000 entries from food and drink producers in this year's competition, with Ireland punching well above its weight, so to be among some top class Irish artisan winners has us all beaming.

We run Dublin's only remaining open fire smokehouse, right here on the West Pier in Howth. We always thought our Irish Organic Oak Smoked Salmon was pretty tasty; we're proud to say that other people do too. Awards aren't everything, but they're pretty nice when they come along!

Nicky's Award Winning Irish Organic Oak Smoked Salmon 

The fish we use for our award winning smoked salmon, is sourced from sustainable farms off the west coast of Ireland. It's hand filleted, sprinkled with salt and then set to smoulder over our open fire, for hours. We tend the fire throughout the process, to get just the right balance of smoke throughout the fish.

One of the things about smoking your own fish, in the very place you sell it, is knowing the energy, time and care that goes into it. When we put our smoked salmon on our shelves, we have a sense of pride. It's a nice feeling when customers ask about about where the fish is smoked and we can just point to the next door, where the smokehouse is. 

Where to get Nicky's Smoked Salmon

Nicky's Plaice Irish Organic Oak Smoked Salmon is available by dropping into our shop on the West Pier in Howth. It's a really nice addition to a special meal and it's a perfect Irish artisan product for hampers and gifts. You can also buy our smoked salmon from our online shop.

About Nicky's Plaice

We're a family run business on the West Pier in the Dublin fishing village of Howth. Opened in 1961 by fisherman Nicky McLoughlin, we've now three generations of the family working together to bring you the best in fresh fish and seafood, the best home smoked salmon and seafood snacks to go at weekends.

You can contact us by email or phone and we'll be delighted to let you know what the morning's catch is or to take your order for any of our range of products.