Howth on a Shoestring - A Day Trip on a Budget

Howth on a Shoestring

Getting out and about for a Dublin day trip, especially if you've children in tow, can mean a strain on the budget, but it needn't break the bank. From castles and lighthouses to cliff top walks, there are plenty of things to see in Howth. You can also tailor your day for people of any age. Howth is easy to get to by car, Dublin Bus or by DART. The DART trip from the city takes in some nice views and once you get to Howth, there are lots of things to do and see without needing deep pockets. Here are just a small few options on your day trip to Howth, that won't leave you broke!

Howth Walks

One of the nice things about Howth is that there are lots of great walks you can take, some for the casual stroller and some for people looking for a longer walk. You can have a wander around the village and take in the view from the old churchyard or follow one of the Howth trails. These are clearly marked out and walks like the Lower Cliff Loop aren't too strenuous. Whatever walk you choose, the views are wonderful and varied and suit all levels. There are plenty of places for children to run about safely, too.



Keeping Kids Interested

You don't need a huge budget to keep kids interested on a day out, as long as you let them know in advance, what the day's about. Once children get used to the idea that their day will involve moving about and using a bit of their imagination, they'll be fine. Howth is great in all weather, so it's perfect for windy walks to spot boats and wander through gorse lined paths and if the weather's good, you can bring along a drawing pad and colours and get the kids to create their Howth masterpiece.  

After a Howth wander, a look around the village could be your next stop. Howth is full of great little boutiques, places to view or buy art and has a great market, full of curiosities and food stalls. If you have children with you, you can also take a break at the playground right in the centre of Howth, while they expend some more energy.

Pier Attractions

Both the East Pier and West Pier in Howth have wonderful views of the harbour and bay beyond. At various times of the day you can see the fishing boats unload, watch sailing or just take in the sea air. Keep an eye out for seals, who come right up to the edge of the pier. Watching seals within a few feet of you, is definitely one of the nice highlights of a trip to Howth, especially when it it's a free attraction.

Food to Go at Nicky's

When you've finished your stroll on the West Pier, taken a few photos and kept an eye out for seals, you can drop into Nicky's Plaice for some of the best budget-conscious food around. From tasty fish bites and chips to freshly made chowder, you can feed a family without needing deep pockets. If you've still got room after Food to Go at Nicky's, you can always opt for an al-fresco ice cream from one of  Howth's ice cream parlours, for the stroll back to the train or car.

Whatever you chose to do on your day trip to Howth, it is possible to see the sights, immerse yourself in nature and grab a bite, without breaking the bank. From bird and seal watching to cliffwalk adventures and seafood snacks, there's a lot you can do and still have change for a 99 on the way home.

About Nicky's Plaice

We're a family run business on the West Pier in the Dublin fishing village of Howth. Opened in 1961 by fisherman Nicky McLoughlin, we've now three generations of the family working together to bring you the best in fresh fish and seafood, the best home smoked salmon and seafood snacks to go at weekends.

You can contact us by email or phone and we'll be delighted to let you know what the morning's catch is or to take your order for any of our range of products.