Simple Fish and Seafood Salad Ideas

Seafood Salad Days

We all know salads are, in general, good for you. From simple green leaf salads to warm Asian inspired noodle salads, they're also versatile and can be packed full of flavour. If you're tired of veggie or meat salads, fish can be a really tasty alternative. It's quick to cook and depending on what you choose, can be hot, warm, cold or raw. Here are just a few ideas for brightening up your salads with some fish or seafood.

Smoked Fish Salads

One of the great things about using smoked fish in salads is that you can keep smoked fish in the fridge for longer than fresh, so you can have it there as one of your go to ingredients. 

Smoked mackerel is a handy addition to any salad. Try combining it with some puy lentils (tinned are fine) and some tomato and avocado. A really simple and and tasty dish, needing only a couple of fresh ingredients. A liberal sprinkling of black pepper and you're good to go. Smoked mackerel is also great with some baby leaves and beetroot, again very quick and easy.

Smoked salmon is so versatile and goes with so many dressings and salad ingredients. Try it with some spinach leaves, griddled asparagus and a splash of lemon and olive oil dressing. To make the dressing, just squeeze the juice of one lemon into a 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a good crack of black pepper. Half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard will give it that extra punch.  

Fish and Spuds aren't just for Hot Dinners...

Potatoes and fish go great together, from fish pie to fish and chips, but they also go nicely in salads. Filling and with all the goodness of fish and vitamins of potatoes, a fish and spud salad will see you right if you're looking for a salad that's a bit heartier. A fine resource for recipes is the succintly named where you'll find a nice array of dishes like this Poached Salmon and Potato Salad recipe. With fennel and peas, it's got that lovely fresh summer look and taste. This recipe works well with fresh trout too. 

Baby potatoes with a little pesto, rocket leaves and chilli flakes make a nice accompaniment to fresh tuna. Lightly fried spuds with salt, pepper and chopped rosemary are also great with some green leaves and sardines. Potatoes and fish can make your salad a lot more filling and with just a few herbs, spices or an easy dressing and they can make a nice change if you're looking for some salad variation.

Of course, you can never go wrong with some smoked salmon and salad leaves. With a squeeze of lemon and some black pepper, it's one of the simplest and tastiest salads around.

Fish and Noodle Salads

Salads used to be about lettuce and boiled eggs and those ingredients do make the basis of some really good salad dishes, but our tastes have taken a bit of a wander in more recent decades. We started off with tuna pasta salad and branched out into all manner of seeds, veg and cauliflower rice. Salads have become a lot more than before. One of our favourite ways to combine seafood and salad is by adding noodles. They are cheap, require practically no cooking, take flavours well and fill you up. Egg or rice noodles are great when combined with the texture of some crunchy shredded carrot or pepper and they are lovely with fish or seafood. Try some prawns sautéed in garlic and chilli with some noodles, green leaves and a few dashes of soy sauce, for a quick lunch. 

You can also make a simple dressing of the juice of one lime, one tablespoon of vegetable or light olive oil, some chilli flakes and a few dashes of soy sauce. For an added flavour, a few grates of a ginger root will give it an extra punch. 

For a mix of textures, use noodles, fresh beansprouts and some green leaves, tossed together with some squid, prawns or fresh flaked warm white fish. 

Whatever way you plan on putting fish in your salad, remember that there are no hard and fast rules other than - make sure your fish is fresh and from a good fishmonger and make sure shellfish is free of grit and washed properly. 

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